About Us

We look forward to welcoming you back to Yorontou Village.

In our hotel, you can enjoy our warm homey atmosphere, like a Japanese guesthouse, with comfortable hotel services.
Since Yorontou Village opened in 1975, we have appreciated the opportunity to meet our guests and have tried to treat guests with sincere hospitality.
When guests leave, we say "ITTERASYAI" like family or old friends and when they return the next time, we say "OKAERINASAI" (Welcome Back).
It will be our great pleasure to welcome you for a first or return visit.
Our staff would like to make your stay an unforgettable one on Yoron Island.

Yorontou Village

2904-6 Chabana, Oshima-gun Yoron-cho 891-9301, Kagoshima Prefecture
0997-97-4601 ytara@d3.dion.ne.jp