Welcome to Yoron Island and Welcome Back.

About us

Yorontou Village is located on a small hill, where you can enjoy the natural scenery of the East China Sea.
The grounds are very natural, with lovely subtropical flowers and plants.
In our guest rooms, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable interiors.
Calm, relaxed and surrounded by beautiful nature, you will heal your weary body and soul. 


  • Entrance

    Entrance to Yorontou Village.
    Lovely subtropical flowers and plants welcome you.

  • Garden Terrace

    A cozy space for our guests.
    The beautiful sunsets can be seen from here.

  • Commonly known as "HAMADA"

    It is located across from the annex we call "Pension".
    The movie "MEGANE" was shot here, and you may look around freely.

  • Courtyard (in front of Pension)

    It is located under the Garden Terrace.
    Please feel free to use the outdoor tables and chairs.

  • Multipurpose Space

    It is suitable as a place for doing exercises, or as a playground for children.
    You can also enjoy a wonderful starry sky at night.


Yorontou Village offers bright and spacious rooms with an ocean view at our main building.
There are also cozy, comfortable rooms at the annex we call "Pension", where the movie "MEGANE" was shot.
Enjoy a stay suited to your style.


We serve our original menu based on local cuisines made with fresh ingredients in season.

  • Japanese style and Western style meals on alternate days.
  • Dinner course of one day
  • Restaurant "TARA"


  • Meirabi Beach
    Meirabi Beach
  • Shinaha Beach
    Shinaha Beach
  • B&G Boat House
    B&G Boat House
  • Udonosu Beach
    Udonosu Beach
  • Ukati Beach
    Ukati Beach
  • Restaurant "HACHIRO"

Yorontou Village

2904-6 Chabana, Oshima-gun Yoron-cho 891-9301, Kagoshima Prefecture