Local cuisines that brings out the best of the ingredients in season

Yoron Island is famous as the island of longevity.
Fresh seafood and a warm, mild climate bring good health to the people in Yoron.
The inside of a nearby coral reef abounds with many kinds of small fish, seaweed, and shellfish.
The outside has migratory fish such as tuna, bonito, Spanish mackerel and so on.
Because of the mild climate, fresh vegetables are harvested all through the year in the fields.
In summer, tropical fruits such as mangoes and passion fruits are in season.
You can enjoy amazing views of the ocean, getting in touch with nature and having excellent fresh foods.
We serve you healthy local cuisines made with fresh local ingredients from the sea and the fields on Yoron Island.

  • Dinner

    Daily course menu prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables and seafood.
    Guests will enjoy plenty of local Yoron cuisine.

  • Restaurant "TARA"

    We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at "TARA" located in our main building.
    Please ask about seating in the tatami (straw mats) room if you wish.


We prepare Japanese style and Western style meals on alternate days.

  • Japanese
  • Western
  • Restaurant "TARA"

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